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Teeth Whitening in Crystal Lake, IL

One thing most people notice about you when you meet them is the smile. A bright and white smile not only makes you look good but also adds to your success and confidence. Thus, teeth whitening is the most sought after cosmetic dentistry procedure as it assures noticeable and quick results.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Crystal Lake

Professional teeth whitening is the safest and most effective method of having a white smile. Before starting the in-office whitening procedure, you get a full mouth examination. If everything is in good condition, the dentist suggests one of the options available: traditional bleaching using a customized mouthguard, bleaching activated by a laser beam or laser teeth whitening.

A rubber shield will be placed on the gums and mouth tissues for protection.

  • The in-office teeth whitening requires, at least, two sessions for optimal results, but more sessions may be needed in case of brown-colored or grey-colored teeth. Grey-colored teeth are the result of antibiotics and are the hardest to whiten, so patience and perseverance are required to obtain good results.
  • Laser teeth whitening is quite useful and the latest method. Herein, the hydrogen peroxide is painted on the teeth, and your teeth are subjected to an intense ray of light that speeds up the whitening process.

Teeth whitening can be achieved through a multitude of procedures. However, before choosing one, talk to us and we will suggest the best method for teeth whitening in Crystal Lake.